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meet ani

I'm Anneka, but you can call me Ani. I’m a writer and climate scientist. 


I hold an MSc in Climate Change Science from the University of Copenhagen and a BA in Biology and Earth & Oceanographic Science from Bowdoin College


I grew up in Vermont’s Mad River Valley, roaming around New England’s trails and lapping steep, icy ski runs at Mad River Glen. Today, I pursue stories, ski lines, and work in far flung places, including the mountains of Chilean Patagonia, the Bhutanese Himalaya, the streets of Copenhagen, the trails of the French Alps, the Alaskan tundra, and the high altitude Andean paramo. 


I write as a way to explore the beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring, enigmatic, and quirky stories hidden in our everyday lives and in different corners of the world. 


You can most often find me exploring the nearest mountains on skis or on foot, reading whatever I can get my hands on, or scheming my next big adventure. 

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Patagonia Worn Wear

Read about the story of my blue puffy Patagonia jacket.

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